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Our interview partners demonstrated a powerful sense of responsibility. On the one hand, to fulfil their perceived role in the context of quality assurance by deciding on succesful and motivated students. And on the other hand, to forestall students from losing their time with futile endeavours. This duty was embedded in their position, but additionally mirrored of their perception of duties and priorities. At the same time, we discovered notable insecurities relating to the quantitative evaluation of language skills.

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Education and training are key elements in such policies and should represent a vital a part of this dialogue with the aim of breaking the hold which DfE centralisation has had notably over the last 30 years. Until 1919 UK universities, except Oxbridge and Durham, were primarily civic establishments created by rich residents and governed by councils strongly represented by the founders and by local authorities and the local industrial community. They were self-financed, depending on local benevolence and tuition fees and a few help by their local authorities and central authorities. The latter supply grew steadily more essential and in 1919 the Treasury established a University Grants Committee (UGC) to rationalise authorities grants which in the 1920s and 1930s rose to round 30% of particular person universities’ expenditure. Policy had turn out to be centralised though institutional autonomy was pledged to be preserved.

These partnerships have been local or regional and primarily facilitated seamless student movement between colleges and universities, each side benefitting from the trade and with the partnerships themselves reflecting native or regional conditions. If we wish to provide a mechanism for ‘levelling up’ this is an ideal model. Colleges have a better reach into communities than universities however universities have the ability to open up pathways into a wider world. The Shattock and Horvath book Universities and Regions referred to above offers varied particular examples  of buildings which have considerably widened the bottom of entry into broader skilled and regionally productive employment prospects.

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